ID fan ( induced draft fan) usually connected with boiler, apply to thermal power plant 2 ~ 670 T/h boiler steam of communication, induced draft fan system also can be used for mine ventilation and general ventilation.

The ventilator and induced draft fan single inhalation, each have made № 8 ~ 28 a total of 12 immediately.

In before induced draft fan, must add dust removal devices, in order to reduce as much as possible into the smoke of the fan . According to the general power plant blame use. 

Induced draft fans Performance & Design

  • Flow range:  16156~1755980 m3h

  • Pressure range:  553~7218 Pa
  • Air Temperature: 20~600 Celsius degree
  • Efficiency: 86.8%
  • Impeller diameter:  280~2200 mm
  • Drive model:  C D F
  • Material: Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel. 

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