Custom heavy dusy fan

Xianrun blower’s great reputation was built on its design capabilities to adapt specific needs of clients with very especially demands.Xianrun blower prove the engineering capabilities to create blower unique solutions.

Fan design as your performance data

Offer us air flow,static pressure,motor power,the temperature of the air across the blower and others data or detail drawing, the blowers can product as your demands

Special material

Carton steel , 304 and 310s Stainless Steels, Aluminum, 12CrMov,15CrMo

Shaft cooling system

Water cooling and oil cooling to take more heat from the working shaft.


Difformity with different material help to reduce the noise to 20 -30dB


Special treatment of the impeller and casing,blade liners and housing liners can make the fan & blower abrasion-resistant  and longer life,the materials including steel , ceramic, chromium carbide.

Special Paint

Available in a complete range including epoxies, baked phenolics, air-dried enamels



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