Xianrun high capacity fan used for cement plant, which apply for nissan 300-8000 tons of cement production line supporting in waste gas processing. The two series of products with advanced design, compact structure, installation debugging convenient, easy to remove the maintenance, safe and reliable operation, resistance to wear and tear resistant to high temperature, high efficiency (were above 81%), low noise, performance curve flat, flow adjusting range, high efficient area broad etc. Characteristics.

Suitable for high temperature operation, dust concentration of severe wear high, under the terms of use, through the continuous improvement of the fan, new technology, new material the continuous application of, its comprehensive performance in the same products in a leading position.

High capacity fan perfromance & design

Flow range:  39850~840000m3h

Pressure range:  1999~9786Pa

Air Temperature: 90~600 Celsius degree

Efficiency: 84%

Impeller diameter:  1440~3211 mm

Drive model: F

Material: Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel. 

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